Timeless Black Rose Cube Gift


    Product Description

    Timeless black rose cube is a unique and memorable gift that will maintain its beauty without the need for any watering or attention. This is a real black rose that has been preserved to keep its natural beauty and will last for many months.

    Often associated with a gothic style black roses have many different meanings including a new or fresh start. In popular culture from Phantom of The Opera they are used to symbolise extreme and undying love.

    This luxury rose cube is an ideal gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, fiancé, husband or wife to show your love and appreciation. A Black Rose cube also makes a thoughtful memorial gift.

    It comes supplied in a clear cube case to allow its natural beauty to show through whilst keeping the black rose’s elegant style.

    The rose cube is packaged in a beautiful white gift box and finished with a hand tied black satin ribbon bow.