Mix of the month biodegradable wedding confetti


    Product Description

    Our ‘Mix of The Month’ contains 8 litres of petals and is 100% biodegradable confetti, colourfast, non-staining and the petals retain their natural look and feel as with all our other freeze dried petals.

    They are however ‘B’ grade petals and as such will contain slight imperfections in terms of shape and colour. This mix contains a combination of rose petals and hydrangea petals to give a vibrant colour mix. If you only require rose petals, we recommend using our mixed rose petals.

    Whilst they are suitable for use as wedding confetti and sprinkling across paths and aisles, we do not recommend using them for wedding table decoration. This mix is supplied in a presentation box that can be used as a keepsake box after your special day.