Single black rose in a silk lined gift box


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Product Description

Our preserved black rose is a wonderful alternative to a fresh rose. With a deep and vibrant colour it is a 100% natural rose that has been preserved to last for many months without the need for watering, light or attention.

Often associated with a gothic style black roses have many different meanings including a new or fresh start. In popular culture from Phantom of The Opera they are used to symbolise extreme and undying love.


  • Single black long stemmed rose
  • A memorable gift for someone special
  • Supplied in a chic silk lined gift box
  • Will last for many months
  • Does not require any water or maintenance

Whatever the reason or occasion our black preserved rose is sure to bring surprise and well received gift. The rose is presented in a chic silk lined gift box. The rose length from top to bottom is 38cm and the head is 5cm to 6 cm wide.